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       KrolKazul - Application

    Fight WoW Recruitment Application
    __Character Info_______________
    Character Name
    Raiding talent build
    What is the /played of this character in total?
    53 days, 19 hours.
    What is the /played of this character at just level 85?
    13 hours
    Provide a link to the WoW Armory for this character
    Provide a link to any recorded raiding combat logs for this character
    __Personal Info_______________
    What is your real age?
    What time zone do you live in?
    EST US
    Are you able to be online for the entire duration of 8:30pm to 12:15am EST?
    Are there any days of the week for you that will conflict with our raiding schedule?
    None that i know of.
    We require Ventrilo for raiding. Do you have any issues with listening or speaking on Ventrilo?
    Is your internet connection reliable?
    What is the speed/type of your computer's CPU and graphics card?
    i5 2500k@ 4.5Ghz and a GTX 1080
    List your previous guild(s), and the reason you left them
    Circle of Assassins(Disbanded)
    Exiles of Lordaeron(Quit, due to school)
    List any referrals you might have within our guild
    None =(.
    Give a brief description of yourself. Things such as personality, sense of humor, and any other personal information you think is necessary.
    I am 26 years old, currently in college finishing my studies for a degree in computer information systems. I like video games and pro-wrasslin, I find my sense of humor to be pretty good as i tend to find just about anything funny.
    __Raiding Info_______________
    What is your raiding experience in WoW?
    Vanilla: AQ40, BWL, MC, NAXX 3 wings.
    BC: Kara, The Eye, SSC, Gruuls
    WoTLK: Ulduar, Naxx 25/10
    WOD: H HFC 13/13.
    LEgion 7/7 N EN, 3/7 H EN
    Are both of your professions high enough to provide their best raiding enchants? And do you have the highest possible shoulder/helm enchants?
    I mean.... i got flowers in a bottle? and yes, I enchant me stuffs.
    What methods of research do you use, to find out how to maximize the potential of your class/spec?
    Icy-veins, Shaman Discord, and MMO-Champion
    What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses of your raiding character? What would you like to improve on the most?
    My biggest strengths is that i consider myself a solid player, i have a good amount of awareness and can adjust to situations quickly.

    My weakness is that, I have just about 0 current semi-hardcore raid experience. While i used to be a hardcore raider, i understand that raids now are entirely different.
    What is your dual spec normally set to? How proficient are you in your off-spec? And are you able to use your off-spec for raiding if needed?
    I am resto, yes i am comfortable enough to use it.
    Tell us why you would like to join Fight, and why we should consider you over someone else in your class.
    I consider myself a very chill person and i want to find a guild where i can experience progression with and hope to find some new frannssss.

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       KrolKazul Application

    Between us speaking, in my opinion, it is obvious. I would not wish to develop this theme.

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       KrolKazul Applic

    Really nice application, I wish I had experience like you, itd help me out alot.

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       KrolKazul Applic

    Good luck with the application so are you playing cod or BC2? - кстати (немного не по теме) недавно наткнулась на отличный сайт, который возвращает часть денег от покупок в интернете! Всем рекомендую

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